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Rashford Is Glad Footballers Are Starting To Speak Out On Social Issues

1 year ago Ciara

Marcus Rashford is glad it’s “becoming more normal” for footballers to speak out on social issues.

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The Manchester United and England forward wrote to MPs as part of a campaign over a free schools meals plan outside term time and the government has since extended the scheme, which will benefit around 1.3 million children in England.

He told BBC Breakfast:

“It’s becoming more normal that people speak out on topics that they believe in and I think it’s just positive for the future.

“Just look at the generations after us – hopefully it becomes a normal thing and people actually want to do that and put themselves forward to do that.”

The 22-year-old star admitted it was a “nice feeling” to see the government reverse its decision following his campaign.

He added:

“It’s a nice feeling but I’m happy that people’s lives are going to be changed for the better so that was the important thing that I tried to change.

“It’s obviously a proud moment.”

During his campaign about food poverty, Rashford spoke about his own experiences the sacrifices his mother made when he was growing up.

Reflecting on the decision, he said:

“She’s very happy. Maybe if someone had spoken about it when she was going through it then the situation would’ve been different.

“I think she’s just happy people are aware of it now and people are going to try and help them as much as they can. She’s just happy that we’re taking steps in the right direction.”